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KBC - Generative AI for Customer Centric Banking

Karin Van Hoecke of KBC Bank and Insurance shares he thoughts and insights on the use of Generative AI, and concludes that it should rather be viewed as an incremental improvement to existing AI, not as a standalone technology.

Revolutionising Payments for Merchants in Europe

Recognising that cards are not the preferred payment method in many countries, payabl. expanded its services to include local payment methods.

Generative AI in Banking: Rabobank - A Conservative Start

There is an undercurrent of enthusiasm among employees about AI's potential, in spite of Rabobank's conservative start.

The Triple-Sided Coin and The New Ethos in Banking

vdk bank created a unique triple-sided coin representing the customer, the community and the planet, to encourage discussions around the choices people should make when choosing a bank.

The AI Stratego - Defining The Rules for Banking

Thought leaders from Commerzbank, De Volksbank and nCino share their insights on the key points to consider when implementing AI in banking and financial services.

The New Ethos in Banking: Balancing Social and Commercial Goals

Peter Surek, Chief Executive Officer of Erste Finance Holding, shares how one of the largest financial institutions in Central and Eastern Europe balances its social and commercial goals, demonstrating what can be done by banks.

Breaking Up (with your Bank) is Not Hard to Do

Breaking up with your bank of 27 years is surprisingly simple and hurts the bank far more than the customer

Building a Resilient Financial Services Enterprise

As we increasingly rely on digital forms of money and payments, the resilience and availability of banking infrastructure and services becomes increasingly important.

Generative AI opportunities in Benelux Banking: ING - Working With Big Tech

ING's approach is not to compete with big tech, but rather to evaluate how they can securely use the existing solutions in a responsible and reliable way.

Generative AI in Benelux Banking: Spuerkeess - Augmenting Employees

The early use cases for GenAI identified by Christophe Atten at Spuerkeess focus on making the lives of employees better - basically giving them superpowers

Generative AI in Banking: Keeping a Human in the Loop

Generative AI Use Cases and Opportunities in Banking: Keeping a Human in the Loop is essential for now, but may not be forever.

Transforming The Rules of Engagement From Within - Get The Basics Right

Big banks can't start over from scratch, but by reducing the complexity of silos through progressive modernisation, they can transform the rules of engagement from within.

The Importance of Context in The New Ethos in Banking

Every bank operates in a unique environment with specific business models and cultures, which provides the context for the ethos of the bank.

From Customer Centricity to Everything Centricity in a World of Embedded Finance

Fully embracing Embedded Finance requires you to focus your attention on a much broader group of stakeholders than ever before. We dig into the implications.

The Changing Rules of Engagement in Wealth and Private Banking

The conversations in wealth management and private banking are changing. There is a shift towards more meaningful conversations about wealth, its purpose, and its legacy.

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The Banker's Oath and The New Ethos in Banking (part 2 of 2)

We conclude our interview with Eelco Dubbeling of the Dutch Banking Association by exploring diversity, inclusion, regulation and more.

The Banker's Oath and The New Ethos in Banking (part 1 of 2)

How does "The Banker's Oath" impact the culture and ethos of a bank, and is it even necessary given young people's attitudes towards working in financial services today?

The AI Bank Manager of The Future

Could artificial intelligence finally help banks replace "my father's banak manager" that I've been searching for?

How the Sustainable Agenda Affects the Rules of Engagement Between Banks and their Clients

Our panellists at TBSCONF24LUX collectively acknowledged the critical importance of ESG in the banking sector. They highlighted the challenges posed by complex regulations, the imperative of education, and the development of a positive narrative as key to engaging employees and customers.

The Future Role of Banks in Our Society - Interview with Guy Schellinck, CEO, Beobank

This interview has got me wondering once again to what extent the business model of a bank determines its definition of ethos, and how that impacts its daily operations.

How "Digital Centricity" Impacts The Rules of Engagement in Banking

Customer centricity is directly impacted by the degree to which a bank has undergone a complete digital transformation

How Regulation is Affecting The Rules of Engagement in Banking

Regulation is often thought of as a "necessary evil". It can be both an enabler of opportunities and a barrier between banks and their clients.

We conclude our talk with Ethicist Joris Krijger about The New Ethos in Banking (Part 2 of 2)

To what extent can we change the role of the bank within society and what is expected from these banks?

We Talk to Ethicist Joris Krijger About The New Ethos in Banking (Part 1 of 2)

Who better to speak to when writing a book about Ethos and Ethics than an Ethicist

Becoming a Green Bank - Interview with Neeta Wadia

Becoming a Green Bank has progressed beyond simply removing paper from the processes to "sustainability by design".

The Holy Trinity in Customer Centricity

Customer centricity is the key to winning back the trust of customers in banking, and it's all about finding the right balance in the Holy Trinity.

AI in Wealth Management: Challenges and Opportunities

AI has dominated the news headlines over the last year - how will artificial intelligence impact the world of wealth management?

The New Ethos in Banking: Values Based Banking - Interview with Martin Rohner

Martin Rohner, Executive Director at Global Alliance for Banking on Values challenges every bank to ask itself: what is my calling as a social institution, and where can I have an impact?

Embedded Finance: Opportunities and Challenges - Unique Perspectives from Bartel Braeckman of KBC Bank

As Belgium’s most innovative bank and an example for banks worldwide, KBC looks at embedded finance in a somehow unique way

About David, Goliath and The New Ethos in Banking

The battle between the credit union and mutual banking sector versus the big incumbents has parallels with the biblical story of David and Goliath - but who will win in the end?

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The Greek Credit Tragedy and The New Ethos in Banking

Do you know what happened in the aftermath of the Global Financial Crisis and why there are 3 big international Greek companies in the software business of non-performing loans?

ISO20022 Impact on Banks - What You Need To Know

With the ISO20022 compliance deadline looming on the horizon, get up to speed on the impact and benefits to banks.

About Mary Poppins and the New Ethos in Banking

Michael Anseeuw, CEO & Chairman of the Executive Board, BNP Paribas Fortis, shares his advice on how to change the narrative of banking for the better

When Art and Tech Dance Together – A Review on Augmented Empathy Talks

Digital transformation has been all about efficiency gains for too long. We learned how focussing on being effective is empathetic by design.

Polish FX Mortgage Loans and the Ethos in Banking

Do you know what happened with the FX Mortgage Loans in the Polish market and why Polish Banks are facing a $25 billion hit on the case?

A New Era In Banking: How Did We Get Here? An Interview with Niccolo Polli - Head of Strategy and Sustainability at HSBC Europe

Niccolo Polli delivered a very insightful and entertaining keynote at The Banking Scene Conference 2023 Brussels using the timeline of how Hollywood has portrayed banks to demonstrate how public perception has developed over time.

Should Banks Transform Their Back Office Into A Profit Centre?

Could the highly skilled back office staff be leveraged to increase bank profitability through cross-selling? Would they want to?

Embedded Finance: Opportunities and Challenges - An Interview with Joris Hoekstra, Lead Portfolio Management & Transformation BaaS, Rabobank

"It’s all about being there where our clients are, on the platforms that our clients love, in the moments that matter to them." Find out how Rabobank brings this statement to life!

Setting the Scene of Ethos in Banking

What does Ethos in Banking mean to you? Rik shares his understanding of the Rhetoric Triangle and what Ethos in Banking means to him in this context

Embedded Finance: Opportunities and Challenges - Perspectives from ABN AMRO

How can incumbent banks showcase the opportunities that APIs could offer, to business people in order to stretch their imagination and stimulate innovative thinking?

Maximising The Benefits of "As-A-Service" Models

Banking-As-A-Service, Software-As-A-Service, Infrastructure-As-A-Service, how do you select the right model for your business to maximise the benefits?

New Ethos in Banking – How It Started

Rik shares with us the start of his journey to write a book on "A New Ethos in Banking – Embracing Values and Ethics for a Meaningful Transformation" and invites you to join as he shares his insights along the way.

The Future of Money Can Be Boring

Rik's reflections on the Future of Money following on from the panels and discussions at The Banking Scene Payments BBQ

Transforming Your Business Back End: A Necessity for Success

Digitising the business back end is no longer a luxury; it's necessary to stay competitive and relevant in today's business landscape

I’m Sceptical About CBDCs and The Metaverse - Change my Mind

Andrew's impressions on a recent Future of Money discussion featuring CBDCs, Metaverse, Star Trek, Tin Tin and much more

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Embedded Finance: Challenges and Pitfalls - Perspectives by OpenPayd

Often ignored in the embedded finance journey and debates are the challenge of offering these services. We spoke about that with OpenPayd's Barry O'Sullivan.

Sustainability Matters in Your Payments Strategy - Measures to Consider

Financial institutions have many ways to reduce their carbon footprint, with immediate effect on cost reduction, like Green Coding, energy efficient data centers...

Context Matters: The Many Shades of EWA

Early Wage Access and Earned Wage Access are completely different, their impact on financial well-being is the biggest difference

The Transformative Forces in a Bank's Middle and Back Office

There is not digital transformation without integrating the back and middle office. What are the latest trends in that respect?

PSD3 - PSR - FISP - FIDA - CBDC The New Acronyms That Define The Future of Payments

Read Rik Coeckelbergs's takeaways from PSD3 and Payment Services Regulation, the Open Finance Framework and the Single Currency Package

Process Mining: Understand Your Business Like Never Before

Process Mining: extract insights from existing data logs, map out all possible process flows, identify weaknesses and automation opportunities, and continuously monitor process performance for operational excellence and compliance.

The Banking Scene Talks at Money 20/20 EU with John Mitchell, CEO and Co-Founder Episode Six

Legacy creates confidence and trust, but comes with a cost. When and how can banks replace this trusted infrastructure? Episode Six works with progressively modernizing

Successfully Balancing Global Scale with Local Needs in Financial Services

How does Comarch tackle the desire of global scale efficiency with local customer centricity of their financial services clients?

The Banking Scene Talks at Money 20/20 EU with Colin Digby, Head of Strategic Client Coverage, Crown Agents Bank

Crown Agents Bank is in full expansion, we spoke with them at Money 20/20 Europe about their past, present and future

The Israeli Case for Central Bank Digital Currencies

Is CBDC the right answer in a post-cash era for Central Bank to keep playing their supervisory role? Read what we learned from Yoav Soffer

Open Banking Observations by Andreas Lennevi, Mendix

We spoke a lot about open banking and PSD2 at #TBSCONF23BXL, including in a panel with Andreas Lennevi, Mendix. We continued the conversation afterwards.

Andrew Vorster’s Reflections from The Banking Scene's Money 20/20 EU Boat

The Banking Scene Attended Money 20/20 Europe on 6-8 June and this were the learnings

Improving the Living Journey with Ecosystem Thinking

Ecosystem is a term often abused. Not in the case of Setle though. Learn how they built a network of data points to improve people's living journey in renovation at KBC and other financial institutions

The Future of Finance - Transforming Financial Services with Bitpanda

Bitpanda is a precious fintech player in crypto space. Find out how they transform investment services and financial services at large.

The Problem with Digital Transformation... is YOU

Discussing the book "Banker Like US - Dispatches from an Industry in Transition" from Leda Glyptis on the challenge of transformation and diversity in banking

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The Role of a Charity Manager in a Bank

We spoke with Guus Loomans, Charity Manager at Rabobank about his exciting job and the tremendous impact they have on their clients and on society

Time to Rethink Resilience in the Aftermath of Silicon Valley Bank

What can we learn from SVB and Credit Suisse? Should banks rethink resilience? How important is technology and regtech in that exercise?

ESG Risk - How Belgian Financial Institutions Deal With the Implementation of the Regulatory Framework

Read the results of a study by Dynafin with Solvay Business School of the maturity level of Belgian banks and FIs on the ESG risk framework implementation.

Financial Well-being for the Gig Economy

Rienk Franken's experience with Payday at ABN AMRO and extensive knowlegde on the gig economy gave me a much more holistic view on financial well-being

Key drivers in User Experience for Card Payments

We spoke to Benoit Ouinas from Netcetera for a better understanding about the latest UX trends in card payments

Stronger Together : vdk bank's Partnership with NewB

After the decision that NewB would lose its banking license, they partnered with vdk bank for existence, and to fulfil their sustainability and ESG agenda

The Value of Low Code Technology in a Constantly Changing Financial World

Mendix, one of our corporate members actively contributes to a better financial world with their low-code technology enabling the business to drive change

The Challenge of a Global ISO20022 Adoption in Payments

ISO 20022 is an open global standard for financial information. But why does it take decades for a global adoption?

Leveraging Finance for Social Impact - Perspectives by Erste Group

We invited Peter Surek to talk about Erste Group's Social Banking Initiatives like FLiP, Zweite Sparkassen, Erste Social Finance Holding and much more

What is a Digital Asset Bank and why would you use one?

What is a Digital Asset Bank? What makes it different from digital wallets and cryptowallets or other blockchain technologies?

Is SPAA the Missing Piece for Successful Open Banking?

Sepa Payment Account Access it a new scheme building on PSD2 with Premium APIs to supercharge Open Banking

Why Europe Needs a Retail Central Bank Digital Currency

Financial inclusion, European sovereignty and innovation are the main drivers for Europe to develop a CBDC

Building a Regtech Company - The Case of b-Fine

What is it like to build and sell a regtech/fintech company in 5 years? We asked entrepreneur Klaas Van Imschoot, co-founder of b-Fine

ABN AMRO Bank's Sales Transformation with Self-Organising Teams

What does it mean to transform a bank into a self-organisation? We asked Klaas Ariaans of ABN AMRO what his lessons learned are after implementing this philosophy 4 years ago

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The role of branches in the omnichannel bank experience - Interview with Mark Aldred of Auriga

We spoke wit Mark Aldred, VP of International Sales at Auriga about banks, their branches and the impact of technology on the onmichannel customer experience (CX)

Early Wage Access - Scudi's Approach to Improve Financial Wellbeing

Early Wage Access can make a world of difference, if implemented correctly and with the right mindset, like Scudi and Rie Sordo are doing

The Role of Financial Education in a Sustainable Finance Strategy

With Catherine Bourin and Julien Froumouth, we discussed a recent survey highlighting the need for more financial education on the sustainable finance agenda

The Sense and Nonsense of a New Normal with Instant Payments

The European Commission recently issued a now proposal to speed up the process of making instant payments the new normal. What does this mean for the banking and payments industry?

How Mambu Shapes the Future of Finance with Composable Banking

Composable Banking of Mambu explains how you can select best-of-breed solutions around your core and build the bank you want to be, like Lego blocks

How ROOV Fights Poverty with Open Banking

Learn how ROOV made the shift to B2B, grasping the opportunities of Open Banking and PSD2 to actively support the fight against poverty

How to build a bank - Morgan Wirtz' Journey to Launching Rise

12 months after his first visit, we invited Morgan Wirtz again to share us his journey of launching the bank Rise

Building Blocks to Shape Banking for Tomorrow

We discussed the key learnings of Fincog's recent study on Banking for Tomorrow with Jeroen de Bel, Founder of Fincog and Branko Greganovic, of NLB

ClearBank's Mission to Transform the Payments Industry, with Charles McManus, CEO

The first new clearing bank in the UK in 250 years, ClearBank is set to transform the payments industry with embedded banking and clearing services

Digital Inclusion in Belgium Anno 2022

Digital exclusion is a growing problem in Belgium. We discussed the latest statistics with Linde Verheyden of BNP Paribas Fortis and Ilse Mariën of Cabinet Bart Somers

How Will DORA Impact Fintech-Bank Collaborations?

DORA, Digital Operational Resilience Act it coming. How will it impact the way organisations communicate? Will it make negotiations easier?

Rabobank's Global Food Revolution

We learned from Roland van der Vorst, Head of Innovation Rabobank about the importance of cooperative thinking in a global food revolution

My Payments BBQ Lessons 2022

With 8 executives we discussed the opportunities to balance the P&L in payments

The PSD2 Review – Too Big Too Early?

With a delay of 1,5 years, the EC is now ready to review PSD2. What does this mean? We spoke to Febelfin and ESBG

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The Banking Scene Talks at Money 20/20 EU, with Jan-Willem van der Schoot, Country Manager Mastercard The Netherlands

At Money2020 Europe, we asked Jan-Willem van der Schoot about Mastercard's new strategic positioning of Debit Mastercard, Click-to-Pay and tokenisation

Paving the Way for Cash on Ledger in Capital Markets

We asked Glen Fernandes of Euroclear to explain how their partnership with Fnality may disrupt capital markets

The Banking Scene Talks at Money 20/20 EU, with Charles McManus, CEO of ClearBank

ClearBank is unique in its clearing, accounts, and embedded finance offering, we spoke to their CEO Charles McManus

Lessons Learned in Building a Data-Driven Bank

Jo Coutuer is CDO at BNP Paribas Fortis for 6 years now, we asked him for his lessons learned to build a data-driven bank

Process Mining Driving Operational Excellence and Digital Transformation

The role of process mining in achieving operational excellence & accelerating digital transformation by Dynafin Consulting, proud partner of SOFTWARE AG

The Money20/20 Europe Banking Scene

Money20/20 Europe felt different for me this year, this is why

The Future of Banking: Platform Economies and The Road to Reinvention

Read how global banking authority Paolo Sironi believes the platform economie will transform banking as we know it

The Future of Money - Lessons learned from #TBSCONF22BXL

We discussed with Bernard Nicolay, Academic Director at Solvay Business School how he looks at the future of money

Digital Inclusion - Making Digital Banking Available for All

We cannot talk about financial inclusion and exclusion without looking at digital inclusion

Balancing the New Way of Working and The War for Talent

How can banks balance the change that comes with the new way of working and the war for talent? We spoke to Jean-Philippe Thirion of TriFinance, Business Unit Leader Financial Institutions

Innovations in Payments, Reflections From a Corporate

Are banks really setting the right priorities in product development? We spoke with Tiina Laukkonen of Amazon about how they look at innovations in corporate payments.

The Student Loan Blockchain Case of Spuerkeess

Spuerkeess used blockchain technology to disrupt their student loan processes. Read here how they did this, why they did so and how successful it is

Performance Management Transformation Through Connected Planning

Learn how Axa Bank and Crelan transformed their performance management, becoming true business partners through Anaplan's connected planning

Impact of the Russia-Ukraine Conflict on European Banks

We spoke with Sandra Phlippen, Chief Economist at ABN AMRO about the impact of the Russie-Ukraine conflict on the banking industry and sustainability

How Discai Rewrites Financial With AI

We invited Discai CEO Fabrice Deprez for a chat on KBC Banks's recent BankTech initiative in their fight against financial crime

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Accelerate Digital Innovation in the Cloud

With Achim Thienel, of Finastra, we investigated the impact of cloud on banking and how it accelerates digital innovation

Implementing an Ethical AI – where do you start?

We asked Joris Krijger, AI&Ethics Officer at De Volksbank how to deal with AI, data, ML in an ethical way

CBDCs – What are they good for?

Do we need digital cash like CBDC, Central Bank Digital Currencies? What value do they bring? And how do they compare to crypto?

Greenwashing in Financial Services

What is Greenwashing and how big is the issue in financial services? It is something that can easily be stopped?

Where is the reset button?

With new societal shifts, ESG, Ukraine war, inclusion... come new challenges that required a new way of banking

We Need to Talk About Niche Banking a.k.a. Affinity Banking

What's the buzz about niche banking, also known as affinity banking? A USP beyond banking, clear purpose and identification with the community

NFTs and the Metaverse: Perspectives From an Artist and Business Psychologist

What's the added value for artists having their art linked to an NFT? How will the Metaverse impact our mental rest? We spoke to Jil Haberstig

FinTech and Finance Innovation 2025: Insights by Nasir Zubairi

EBRC and The Banking Scene joined forces to interview key stakeholders from Luxembourg’s FinTech and banking industry, including Nasir Zubairi of the LHoFT

The Adventures of Toddler KATE, KBC's Virtual Assistant

We spoke to Katrien Dewijngaert, GM Stratey and Transformation at KBC about KATE their AI driven virtual assistant

Otto's Vision on Financial Health and Wellbeing

We invited Madeleine Debney, COO and Co-Founder of financial wellness platform Otto to talk about financial stress, financial wellness and wellbeing

FinTech and Finance Innovation 2025: Insights by Jonathan Prince, Co-Founder and CSO at Finologee

EBRC and The Banking Scene joined forces to interview key stakeholders from Luxembourg’s FinTech and banking industry, including Jonathan Prince of Finologee

IBAN-Name Check: Lessons Learned from the UK and the Netherlands

SurePay joined us to explain the value of IBAN-Name Check in fraud prevention for banks as a tool to confirm the name of the payee

How Can The #NextGenBranch Improve Customer Experience and Optimise Branch Management?

Bank Carige rolls out its first fully-digital branch with Auriga

FinTech and Finance Innovation 2025: Insights by Bertrand Kauffmann and Laurent Marochini of Société Générale

EBRC and The Banking Scene joined forces to interview key stakeholders from Luxembourg’s FinTech and banking industry. Sociéré Générale also contributed.

Rabobank's Vision on Sustainable Living

Read how Rabobank is influencing the Netherland's living conditions, though sustainable finance and making houses more accessible

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How AI and Analytics Accelerate Innovation in Financial Services

AI and analytics are transforming banking and financial services, read from these learnings with Tableau, SWIFT and ABN AMRO how to reach the full potential

FinTech and Finance Innovation 2025: Insights by Eric Mouilleron, Founder and CEO of Bankable

EBRC and The Banking Scene joined forces to interview key stakeholders from Luxembourg’s FinTech and banking industry. Eric Mouilleron was one of the international contributors

Banking for Good - a Vision by Triodos Bank

Purpose and sustainability are the foundations of Triodos Bank, we asked Daan Vandevelde, Director Retail Banking how he looks at Banking for Good

FinTech and Finance Innovation 2025: Insights by Angela Nickel - CEO and Founder COMO Global

EBRC and The Banking Scene joined forces to interview key stakeholders from Luxembourg’s FinTech and banking industry. Angela Nickel, CEO of COMO Global was one of them

The Banking Scene Afterwork November 25: RegTechBlackBook "The Sequel"

The RegTechBlackBook was Koen's first big project, now he launched The Sequel, a bundle full of insights and interpretations of regtech influencers worldwide

FinTech and Finance Innovation 2025: Insights by Christophe Bourbier - CEO Thunes Collections

EBRC and The Banking Scene joined forces to interview key stakeholders from Luxembourg’s FinTech and banking industry. Christophe Bourbier was one of the international contributors

Payments Challenges in B2B e-commerce

Virtual Cards in B2B e-commerce help companies overcome some of their payments challenges, according to Matthijs Koorn, Research Director Payments at MGI Research

FinTech and Finance Innovation 2025: Insights by Nicolas Gerard, Managing Director Product Management, State Street Bank

EBRC and The Banking Scene joined forces to interview key stakeholders from Luxembourg’s FinTech and banking industry. Nicolas Gerard, executive of State Street Bank was one of them.

The Future of Money is Now - What I learned from Tim Dierckxsens, CEO and Co-Founder of Venly

Tim Dierckxsens co-founded Venly with the ambition to make blockchain, virtual crypto wallets and NFT management accessible through a single API. What is his vision on money?

FinTech and Finance Innovation 2025: Insights by Pascal Morosini, CEO i-Hub

EBRC and The Banking Scene joined forces to interview key stakeholders from Luxembourg’s FinTech and banking industry. Pascal Morosini, CEO of i-Hub was one of them.

FinTech and Finance Innovation 2025: Insights by Jacques Pütz, CEO LUXHUB

EBRC and The Banking Scene joined forces to interview key stakeholders from Luxembourg’s FinTech and banking industry. Jacques Pütz, CEO of LUXHUB was one of them.

The rise of Rise - A Neobank for Teens

With a strong team, Morgan Wirtz is building Rise, a neobank for teens to lift financial education to help them better manage their finances and reduce financial stress

FinTech and Finance Innovation 2025: Insights by Alexandre Castaing, RBC

EBRC and The Banking Scene joined forces to interview key stakeholders from Luxembourg’s FinTech and banking industry. Alexandre Castaing of RBC was one of them.

Banking for Good - a Vision by vdk bank

With a long history in purposeful banking, we invited their chairwomen to talk about how they look at banking for good today

Bank and FinTech partnerships to deliver better payments solutions

How important are bank Fintech Partnerships in payments and how to achieve great partnerships? We spoke with Banking Circle, BNP Paribas and PayBelgium

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We need to talk about the art of banking instead of the pencils creating it

Is it time to talk more about the banking creations with impact instead of purely looking at technological advancement in fintech?

Automation as building blocks for more engagement and inclusiveness in banks

Automation , RPA and and more intelligent ML solution can help banks grow employee engagement and customer inclusion

Financial Health is like teenage sex

David Bohn of MyBudget was our guest to talk about financial wellbeing and their business in Australia to get society financially fitter

Opportunities & challenges of open banking in business-to-business

In the light of the second anniversary of PSD2s RTS, we discussed the state of open banking in B2B with Isabel Group and ABN AMRO

Automation for Good - Automation as an enabler for a greener future in banks

How can automation and RPA contribute on both strategic and tactical level to bank's ESG ambitions? We spoke to Chris Skinner, PwC, UiPath and NatWest

Building an API Program - Lessons from Deutsche Bank

The open banking journey of Deutsche Bank started in 2015 with de development of an API Program. Joris Hensen shared their lessons learned

The Unexplored Territory of Gaming for Banks

The Unexplored Territory of Gaming for Banks: an introduction in platformication and gamification of banking and bankification of gaming

Automation as an enabler for ESG and Sustainability in Banks: an interview with Nitin Purwar, UiPath

Banks struggle to apply the vision and ambitions they have to improve and grow their contributions to a greener and better society, how can automation help?

From Bitcoin to CryptoKitties: what’s in it for banks?

What are the challenges ahead before banks embrace crypto assets and NFTs as part of their value proposition, and how could this look like?

How ABN AMRO is accelerating the sustainable shift

ABN AMRO Belgium is supporting many initiatives for a greener, EGS-friendly future, and this is how they accelerate the sustainable shift in Belgium

How payments associations foster innovation in Europe

With PayBelgium and Emerging Payments Association we investigate their contributions to innovations in payments

Unravelling the complexities of financial wellbeing

Like Heracles changed the rules to clean the Augean stable, the banking and fintech industry need to reinvent their approach to financial wellbeing.

Mortgages as a gateway to sustainable living

Green mortgages for sustainable living is more than a label. With a direct impact on a bank's (future) financial results, acting now is imperative for the industry

At your service: A bot for every bank employee

With the rise of RPA-based attended bots we are getting closer to a bot for every employee. What is required to make this a reality?

EPI and the digital euro: missing links contribution to a uniform payments landscape?

With PSD2 and open banking to stimulate innovation, EPI and the digital euro (CBDC) are told to create more uniformity across Europe

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Fintech - Bank Relationship Counselling

We all know the struggles of a partnership between banks and fintech companies, but what are the remedies?

Automation in banking: when virtual assistants become virtual colleagues

As automation tools in banking get smarter, evolving from RPA to intelligent automation, bots evolve from being a virtual assistant to a genuine colleague

The human factors behind automation at ING and NIBC Bank

The human factors behind automation at ING and NIBC Bank: employee engagement, customer experience and cost avoidance

Reconnecting digital banking in a human way

It is time to rethink digital banking, to align it to customer expectations and to make it more human again in a connected way.

Strategic dilemmas in innovation in cards and payments

Innovations in cards and payments are endless these days, and retail banks will need to make strategic dilemmas to deal with them.

Creative credit scoring models to improve financial inclusion

How more data points end up with more creative credit scoring models to enhance financial inclusion in developing regions like Asia and Africa

Today's hottest topics in innovation in retail payments and cards

On April 15 we discussed with Peter Theunis of Radar Payments what is shaking the cards and payments industry, find the most relevant insights in this blog

Culture and perseverance define the success of automation in banking

Automation in Banking success does not depend on technology, but the leaders that drive a cultural change to embrace automation as a part of the job

Three stories, three different triggers to ignite automation in banking

Automation in Banking to setup control mechanisms to find and fix errors in banking processes, improve data quality of central functions and augment the value of employees

Bank J. Van Breda & C°: How purposeful banking changes the world of their customers

With Véronique Léonard, CFO we spoke how Bank J. Van Breda & C° are looking at banking for good, purposeful banking and sustainability and ESG

Identify the Business Value of RPA with Real Banking Examples

Don't make your RPA project a cost-cutter. This blog identified a couple of concrete, measurable results how RPA improved the business of a bank

Argenta's interpretation of purposeful and sustainable banking

With Marc Lauwers, CEO of Argenta, we discussed what purpose and sustainability means to them and how they contribute to a better future for human and society

Digitisation in banking | Balancing on the border

SME Banking will never be the same again: COVID-19 accelerated the need for digital banking and more specifically for SMEs

The need for data and analytics to enhance investor engagement

How can wealth managers provide their clients with comprehensive data and analytics through a broad mix of digital channels, so they can make more informed investment decisions?

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Bank of the Future: From Mobile First to Open First?

What must change for banks to become true financial advisors, doctors of a customer's financial health?

Automation in Banking: reflections from the industry

Everyone talks about automation in banking, but what do bankers really know about automation, RPA and intelligent automation, where do they see the gains and opportunities?

How to turn PSD2 into a remedy to recover from COVID-19

With YTS (Yolt Technology Services), we investigated the possibilities of PSD2, Open banking and open finance to turn it into a remedy for people and businesses to recover from COVID-19

Banking for Good: a Vision by Febelfin

With Karel Baert, CEO and Claire Godding, Head of Diversity and Inclusion at Febelfin, Belgian Federation of banks, we discussed what "Banking for Good" means to them

Automation in Banking: insights from State Street Bank, Spotify and DFCG

Find out what executives from Spotify, State Street Bank and DFCG, the French Centre of CFOs thought us of how to make your RPA, automation and intelligent automation projects a success

What our bags, wallets and pockets can tell us about consumers’ changing financial behaviour

We used an innovative interview method called the ‘portable kit study’ that involved asking people to take everything out of their bags and wallets and talk us through what they carry with them on a daily basis, cash, cards

Three macro trends shaping the bank of the future: Digital - Local - Sustainable

We invited Hedwige Nuyens, Managing Director of IBF to talk about the bank of the future, where we spoke about COVID-19, digital, branches, BigTech, CBDC, crypto, the role of savings and community banks and much more

How to research financial behaviour in a fast-changing market

Erin B. Taylor provides a couple of useful tools that can help to better understand how consumers feel and think about, and act with money

The New Face of Digital Banks

Together with Peter Theunis of Radar Payments and BPC Banking Technologies and Jeroen de Bel of Fincog, we investigated how digital banking changed and what their future holds

How Nickel Creates Financial Inclusion By Living To Its Values

We spoke with Thomas Courtois, CEO of neobank Nickel about Financial Inclusion and he shared us what this means to them and how they achieve this by living to their values: universality, simplicity, utility and benevolence

Aion Bank Launches Financial Life Moments Guide

Aion surveyed over 1,000 Belgians and found that over 75% of Belgians of all ages feel it’s important to be financially prepared, but more than 50% said that they didn’t feel sufficiently prepared for the future.

The Banking Scene Top-10 Stories of 2020

What were the most popular opinions on The Banking Scene's website?

Predictions for 2021: Interview with Chris Skinner, his Elephant in the room and the Bird

Predicting 2021 with Chris Skinner: How will economy evolve, and fintechs and banks? What to expect from challenger banks and what is key to make them more relevant?

The Nightmares Before Christmas - Monsters and Myths of Innovation

Monster and Myths of Innovation are everywhere, in all industries. The last session of The Banking Scene Afterwork was a conversation about those monsters and how to cope with it.

Bridging The Gap: Open Finance, an Opportunity For Every Bank

We discuss what open finance is, what its impact is for financial services, where the low-hanging fruit is and how to grasp these opportunities

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Shaping the Future of Financial Services: Interview With German Savings Bank Association

The Banking Scene spoke to Axel Weiss, Head of Payments at the German Savings Bank Association (DSGV) about the latest trends in payments and the impact of ’SWIFT’s new strategy for their members

Doing Digital in Wealth Banking - Van Lanschot Kempen

We invited David Versteeg, Chief Digital Officer at van Lanschot Kempen to share us their digital transformation journey

Meet Digital Assistant Kate – When Digital Transformation Gets Personal

Kate is KBC's digital assistant that will personally and proactively assist customers in making their financial life easier, through AI, automation and personalisation

Hyperautomation — Essential in Every Bank’s Strategy

Hyperautomation - an answer to automate more complex customer and employee journeys of a bank by combining RPA, Machine Learning and other AI techniques

6 Lessons Learned About Customer Experience in B2B

6 Lessons from Customer Experience (CX) with clear examples of the banking industry and more specifically in B2B

Shaping the Future of Financial Services - The Power of Collaboration

Founded in 1973, SWIFT is the one the connects the dots in financial services. What is their new strategy and collaboration model for banks?

How video banking changed the way ABN AMRO interacts with its clients

Will video banking be the new way for banks to engage with customers? We spoke with Klaas Ariaans, Managing Director Personal Banking at ABN AMRO Bank

The Power of Hyperautomation for Microfinance Institutions

Learn how Hyperautomation can grow the business of Microfinance Institutions while increasing customer experience with a mix of RPA and Machine Learning - UiPath

Fintech Partnerships: Lessons Learned from Minna Technologies and ING

What can we learn from Minna Technologies and ING in the way they partner? A fintech and a bank about the importance of communication and expectation management

The Future of Banking is Personal

Read my thought on personalized banking, after reading Comarch' white paper, called "Personalization of Banking Services via Digital Transformation"

Islamic Banking Lessons and The Future of Islamic Fintech

What can conventional banking learn from Islamic banking and what is the future of Islamic banking and Islamic fintech? We spoke with Wajeeha H. Awadh of Al Baraka Banking Group

How To Find The Open Banking Money Pot

What does it mean for a bank to be open? What value will it bring to this bank and its customers? How did the industry do thus far?

We need more financial services innovation for women

One-size-fits-all is over: we need financial services innovation for women. They think differently about money, they talk different about it and they act different.

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Decentralised Banking: Are We There Yet?

Key conclusions from a discussion with Jo Vercammen the state of crypto, cbcd, central bank digital currency and blockchain and how it affect the banking industry

Price Transparency in Banking: The Membership Model of Aion

Prices in the banking industry are not always very transparent. Belgian's newest bank, Aion, countered this by setting a business model based on a membership.

Automation is Making Banking More Human Again

Our conversation with 2 experts of UiPath, Guy Kirkwood and Amit Kumar demonstrated that automation and RPA are making the banking industry more human on multiple fronts

Banks Doing Digital Right: My Learnings of The Banking Scene Summer Event

Read my lessons from The Banking Scene Summer Event on Banks Doing Digital, with Chris Skinner (, Benoit Legrand (ING) and Karin van Hoecke (KBC)

Microlending at The Heart of Local Entrepreneurship

For many entrepreneurs, microlending is vital to the required financial inclusion to set up a business. In Belgium, the company microStart gets support in microfinance by Accenture and BNP Paribas Fortis

The story behind the numbers: open banking investments and returns

June 11 was a good day! Jan van Vonno, Research Director at Tink was our special guest at The Banking Scene Afterwork to answer all the questions I had on their recent study, titled: 'the investments and returns of open banking'.

Turn Operational Resilience into a Competitive Advantage

Make sure Operational Resilience is on top of your agenda, whether you work in a bank, or a fintech, in risk or sales, compliance or IT

By Improving Financial Wellbeing, Banks Become Health Companies

A bank must support its customers in having a financially balanced life, helping them to reduce financial stress by improving their financial wellbeing.

4 possible scenarios for the bank branch in a post-COVID reality

Bank branches are not dead, but how can they get most value out of that, at a low cost? Post COVID this question is even more pressing than in 2019

How a virus changed the relationship between fintechs and banks

How has COVID-19 affected the way banks start new fintech relationships? Today people are going back to their old reflexes. Today they go back to the companies close to them, it takes longer to have a relationship and they require more effort in trust between the involved organisations.

SME Banking Will Never Be the Same Again

The SME banking segment is booming business in the fintech industry for years. COVID will accelerate this process for multiple reason, here is why

The Future of Work in the Banking Industry

COVID-19 changed the way the banking industry worked. What will be the long-term impact? The key messages of The Banking Scene Afterwork 23 April with special guest Guy Claes

Avoiding the Missed Opportunities during the biggest POC in history

COVID-19 is the biggest remote working Proof Of Concept… ever! Everyone needs to rethink how they work, shop and live. From one day to the next, we are all living in a completely new context, with new needs and different problems to manage and also with great new ideas to anticipate those needs and problems.

The long term impact of COVID-19 on the payments industry

What will be the longterm impact of COVID-19 on the way we pay in Belgium, Netherlands and Luxembourg? From contactless to no contact, biometrics and instant

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How COVID-19 changed the way we pay (short-term)

How COVID-19 changed our perception on cash, contactless, and short-term also on innovation in payments

The global impact of COVID-19 on banks, challengers, fintech: an interview with Richard Turrin

Who will be the winners and losers of this crisis in the financial technology industry, why this crisis is fundamentally different from the one in 2008, and why China will take a fundamentally different approach to resolve the economic crisis in the period to come.

About the metastorm that is currently raging over banking and society as a whole

A talk with Jo Caudron, about the societal transformation in the coming 10 years and the impact on the banking industry

An interview about #regtech and #trust in banking with Koen Vanderhoydonk

Koen Vanderhoydonk chaired our conference #TBSCONF20LUX, on January 30th in Luxembourg. You probably remember this was about trust, the central theme of The Banking Scene this year.

Belgium has a new Challenger Bank aion: time for an interview

At the launch of a new challenger bank in Belgium, Aion, The Banking Scene had the chance to interview their CCO Wojciech Sass

“Successes & Challenges Faced Since We Went Live With Open Banking”

6 learning from the panel I moderated at Finovate: “Successes & Challenges Faced Since We Went Live With Open Banking”

Brian Bushnell, on more TRUSTED banks by mutualizing services at #TBSCONF20LUX

Brian Bushnell, shares his insights on how banks can become more TRUSTED by mutualizing services at #TBSCONF20LUX

Does Belgium need an initiative like A78 to make PSD2 work?

A78 is built to facilitate communication between fintech and banks in the context of PSD2

Looking back at The Banking Scene 2020 Luxembourg

Looking back at The Banking Scene 2020 Luxembourg: after movie #TBSCONF20LUX

The Trust Interview with Sarunas Legeckas, General Manager Greater Europe, N26

How is N26 looking at trust? How did the lack of trust in banks helped them in building trust for their customers, today and in the future?

A few meanings of trust, translated to financial services

Trust in financial services is changing. Where does this change come from, what is the impact? Based on Rachel Botsman's "Who can you trust?"

The Open Banking Interviews with Arnaud Delputz, Director Retail Segment - Product Management Payments & Credits, Belfius

Open Banking and PSD2: an evaluation by Belfius' Director of Product Management Payments and Credit Arnaud Delputz

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'20: The decade the industry shifts from technology first to human first

The past decade provided a wave of new technologies with tremendous opportunities, the coming years, the banking industry will start to understand how to use it for more human banking

The future of Instant Payments and Cards - The Round Table Sessions by The Banking Scene

The future of Instant Payments and Cards - The Round Table Sessions (December 3rd) by The Banking Scene, a testimonial by Inna Kostiuk

The Open Banking Interviews with Nathalie Knops, Head of Business Transformation at BIL

The Open Banking Interviews with Nathalie Knops, Head of Business Transformation at Banque Internationale à Luxembourg (BIL)

The Open Banking Interviews: duo interview with Tjeerd Tesselaar and Nico Strauss at Rabobank

The Open Banking Interviews with Tjeerd Tesselaar, Area Lead Product Development & Partner Management and Nico Strauss, Tride Lead B2B Services at Rabobank

Frictionless Payments and its 5 levels of intrusiveness

Frictionless and biometric payments require a consumer to allow you in his inner circle. How far can you go? A few examples

The Open Banking Interviews: duo-interview with Marc Lauwers (CEO) and Inge Ampe (CCO), Argenta

The Open Banking Interviews with Marc Lauwers, CEO and Inge Ampe, CCO of Argenta on their views on Open Banking, PSD2 and how it impacts Argenta's business model

Why the mortgage business is so hard to disrupt

Mortgage loans are the new battlefield for innovation. Why is it so hard to innovate in this business line?

Bye-bye Instant Payments, welcome Instant Mortgages

A blog about the rise of Instant Mortgage, Open Mortgage, and the quest for the best customer journey to look for a real estate property

The Open Banking Interviews: Karel Van Eetvelt, CEO, Febelfin

The Open Banking Interviews with Karel Van Eetvelt, CEO, Febelfin

Open Banking: An open door to a new way of banking (part 2)

The biggest impact of PSD2 for corporates will be in the new way services providers think of financial services in the near future and how they will provide it to the end-customer.

The Open Banking Interviews: Jasper Nienhuijs, Head of Market Management, de Volksbank

Read what Jasper Nienhuijs, Head of Market Management at de Volksbank thinks about PSD2 and Open Banking

The Open Banking Interviews: Wajeeha Hussain Awadh, Al Baraka Banking Group

The Open Banking Interviews: Wajeeha Hussain Awadh, Section Head of Digital Banking & Fintech, Al Baraka Banking Group

The rise of the Dragon… or is it a lizard? PSD2 got into force last week

Did something revolutionary happen? Did PSD2 hit the headlines? Were consumers quickly adapting their financial behavior? Was there the so long predicted shake-up of the market? Did banks go bankrupt because fintech and Bigtech took over?

The Open Banking Interviews: duo-interview with Laurent Dumont and Kris Roggeman, Crelan

The Open Banking Interviews with Laurent Dumont, Digital Banking Manager and Kris Roggeman, Squad Leader Open Banking at Crelan

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The Open Banking Interviews: Maarten Verboven, Director of Open Banking, BNP Paribas Fortis

The Open Banking Interviews, with Maarten Verboven, Director of Open Banking at BNP Paribas Fortis

Talking about invisible payments with Visa

What role does Visa play in the game of invisible and frictionless payments? And how do they support keeping customers in control of consumption?

The Open Banking Interviews: Fanny Solano, Head of Digital, Retail & Markets Regulation, CaixaBank

Open Banking Interview with Fanny Solany, Head of Digital, Retail & Markets Regulation, CaixaBank

The Open Banking Interviews: Ali Niknam, CEO, bunq

Open Banking Interview with Ali Niknam, CEO of bunq Bank

When your real estate agent decides to become a bank

Non-bank players are looking for new market in the banking space: Immoweb wants to go into mortgage loans

The Open Banking Interviews: Raphaël d’Ostuni, Head of Open Banking and Partnerships, Keytrade Bank

The Open Banking Interviews with Raphael d'Ostuni, Head of Open Banking and Partnerships at Keytrade Bank

The Open Banking Interviews: Helen Bierton, Head of Banking, Starling Bank

How does Starling Bank look at Open Banking and PSD2? Read about it in this episode of the Open Banking Interviews with Helen Bierton, Head of Banking, Starling Bank

When your bank decides to become a green energy supplier: Rabobank hunting for Eneco

Rabobank showed the intention to take over Eneco? What is behind this move? How are banks increasing their societal relevance with this potential takeover?

The Open Banking Interviews: Karin Van Hoecke, General Manager Digital Transformation, KBC Bank & Insurance Belgium

How does KBC look at PSD2 and Open Banking? We talked about this with Karin Van Hoecke, General Manager Digital Transformation, KBC Bank & Insurance Belgium

The emotional debate on cash in Belgium: ATMs in supermarkets or not?

ATMs and cash remain a hot topic in discussing banking and financial services in Belgium. What would be the reason that supermarkets are hesitant to invest in their own ATMs?

The Open Banking Interviews: Koen Adolfs, Product Owner & API Evangelist, ABN AMRO Bank

ABN AMRO is betting high on APIs, how do they think about Open Banking and PSD2? Read all about it in our conversation with Koen Adolfs, Product Owner & API Evangelist, ABN AMRO Bank

Open Banking is less about technology, more about people

Open Banking is only possible with an open mindset. If the technology is not a succes of that, it will not work

The Open Banking Interviews: Daniel Van Delft, Country Manager Visa, Netherlands

The Open Banking Interviews: Daniel Van Delft, Country Manager Visa, Netherlands

The Open Banking Interviews: Joris Hensen, Founder and Co-Lead API Program, Deutsche Bank

Deutsche Bank has an API Platform and they were eager to share more about it with The Banking Scene in an interview with Joris Hensen, Founder and Co-Lead of their API Program

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Top 3 threats for banks today (my takeaways from Money20/20)

Money 20/20 Europe report by The Banking Scene: what are a bank's key threats today?

Money 20/20

Inna went to Money 20/20 with Fintech Belgium and left her testomial for The Banking Scene and all that wish to read it

The Banking Scene 2019: Exploring Banking for Humanity and Innovative Payments

Inna attended The Banking Scene Conference (#tbsconf19) and shared her impressions with us

How to find great collaboration between fintech and banks

Fintech and banks is all about collaboration these days thanks to open banking etc... what makes a great collaboration?

There is more to digital identity than just saying who you are online

Lies Van Hemerlijck represented The Banking Scene at Know Conference 2019 and she was happy to share her take aways

Apple Card is about digital identity, not about payments

Apple launched it AppleCard, a new feature in the Apple ecosystem. It is really about payments? Or should we look in the direction of identity?

The rise of superapps in ASEAN at Money2020 Asia

The Banking Scene attended Money 2020 Asia. What were the key takeaways from this highly valued conference?

The future of banking is for the nimble and niche players

The future of banking will be determined by PSD2 and Open Banking. How will banking look like in the future?

When your bank realises financial advise is no longer enough

How can banks grow their relevance for society? Some banks already start thinking out of the box.

Winning PSD2: Amazon, the Chinese, or just your own familiar bank?

Bigtech keep growing and they keep trying to get hold on financial services. Will they succeed?

15 years to rediscuss the gentlemen’s agreement on 24 free cash withdrawals

15 years to rediscuss the gentlemen’s agreement on 24 free cash withdrawals

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Instant Payments — Instant Revenues? #itscomplicated

As banks start adopting instant payments, the quest for additional revenuew through this new payment means remains complicated

The Semantic Bank

An explanation of ontology-centric banking, semantic banking

Me and my wearable, one month together - a testimonial

Rik Coeckelbergs participated in the test period of KBC wearables, contactless payments. Read his testimonial here

A bit earlier than expected: Revolut got banking licenced!

Revolut has a banking licence, what does this mean for the banking industry? And why did they go to Lithuania for this?

Why Revolut‘s presence in Belgium should not be underestimated

Revolut hired a country manager for Belgium, what does this mean in terms of their local ambitions?

Open Banking is not (only) about Payments

Open Banking will change the way we bank, not just the way we pay

Myths of contactless payments security

Contactless is still perceived as unsafe, yet statistic show another view. What are the myths behind this?

The war on cash: National Banks Strike Back

As society evolves from less cash to cashless, national banks start to react

The war on cash in Belgium and The Netherlands: a state of play on contactless mobile payments

Where is Belgium today in term of mobile and contactless payments? What is the impact on cash usage?

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