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The Banking Scene Afterwork Sessions - May 28 - Banks as doctors for financial health and wellbeing with Menno van Leeuwen

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The Banking Scene Afterwork: for people that like to connect and share their thoughts, also in times of isolation

May 21 - Public Holiday

May 28 - "Banks as doctors for financial health and wellbeing" with Menno van Leeuwen, Head of Lower Financial Tress at Moneyou

We are living in uncertain times, today even more than yesterday. COVID-19 is having a tremendous impact on so many consumers: in the way they live, the way they work and unfortunately also on their salary.

The question we like to discuss in this session is how banks can improve their impact on making consumers more aware of the way they manage their money. What tools can banks provide to make consumer more independent and more resilient in uncertain financial times?

Our special guest this week thinks about these dilemmas on a daily basis. Menno van Leeuwen is Head of Lower Financial Stress at Moneyou, a challenger bank and daughter company of ABN AMRO.

"We enable people to handle their own financial needs with confidence and independency. By doing so we unlock people's self determination and decision making capacity. We focus on digital savvy customers with a strong desire to be in control, have a 'financial DIY attitude'. Our technology, products and services should enable people to do so. Our Business & Customer Development team is dedicated to bring in customer behaviour psychology insights and economics and create solutions which result in lower financial stress for our customers."

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June 4 - "Revaluating Operational Resilience, Beyond Compliance" with David Suetens, Independent Director

In early 2017 David wrote in a risk article: 'The financial services industry has grown in complexity over the past 20 years, the industry has also become increasingly vital to the day-to-day functioning of economies.

Equally over a 20 year period the threats to stable delivery of services have grown more perilious. As a result, clients and regulators are placing increased expectation and value on a firm’s resilience’. Operational resilience has become a key agenda for boards and senior management.

As a former risk officer of a GSIFI and a CEO of a 24hr banking operations in Luxemburg, David is eager to demonstrate how one can change the mindset around resilience and not see it as another compliance exercise but make it a key organizational capability that is everyone’s responsibility to maintain and improve.

David Suetens is currently an independent director with deep strategic financial services business and risk understanding, having worked in banking, asset management and insurance with leading industry multinationals and their Boards in Europe, North-America and Asia.

Before his career as an independent director he was the CEO for State Street Bank Luxembourg and its affiliates and an EVP within the State Street Group.

Mr. Suetens joined State Street in May 2012 from ING Investment Management, The Netherlands where he served as chief risk officer and a board member. Previously he served as the board member responsible for Compliance, Legal and Risk Management for ABN AMRO Asset Management and served as chair of several Fund boards. In 1998, he joined ABN AMRO, where he held various senior global positions within ABN AMRO Bank in both London and Amsterdam. Prior to ABN AMRO, he was a product manager with EUROCLEAR for tri-party collateral management services.

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June 11 - "Show me the money – open banking investments" with Jan van Vonno, Research Director at Tink

Tink recently did a survey on open banking, asking bank executives how much they are investing in open banking initiatives and how they measure these investments.

The study will be published on May 27. 2 weeks later, on June 11, you have the chance to dig deeper in the conclusions with Jan van Vonno, Research Director at Tink, and myself, Rik Coeckelbergs, during The Banking Scene Afterwork.

With the same ingredients as always, we will be sharing real concrete insights based on real time input from all of you, don't expect any slideware during this session. We will go beyond the numbers and we'll make sure you leave the virtual round table with the right insights to get even more value from the conclusions of the Tink's report on "The investments and returns of open banking".

Our special guest, Jan van Vonno, spearheads Tink's research and thought leadership program. Founded in Stockholm in 2012, Tink is Europe’s leading open banking platform that enables banks, fintechs and startups to develop data-driven financial services. Tink’s customers include companies PayPal, NatWest, ABN AMRO, BNP Paribas Fortis, Klarna, and many others. Jan is responsible for the strategic positioning of Tink within the context of open banking and Tink's outbound communication and content. Jan worked most of his career for the International Data Corporation (IDC). During his time at IDC, he covered various technology and business topic as the head of the European digital transformation research program.

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June 18 - "Microlending at the heart of local entrepreneurship - Challenges and opportunities" with Adrien Kirschfink, Emmanuel Legras and Daniel Thielemans

Micro-credits are not only a thing of developing countries. Also in Belgium this kind of loans is a matter of survival for an increasingly bigger part of society (both businesses and individuals).

Accenture facilitates the support of small entrepreneurs in a partnership with microStart. In this session, we learn

- how micro-credits are changing lives in Belgium

- how companies like microStart can be successful in Belgium

- why a bigger ecosystem is required to support small entrepreneurs

- why it is so important to have companies like Accenture and BNP Paribas Fortis in this ecosystem

Guest speakers for this session:

Adrien Kirschfink - Managing Director, Accenture

Emmanuel Legras - CEO, microStart

Daniel Thielemans -President, microStart and advisor to CEO BNP Paribas Fortis

Join this session, or get in touch if your company policy does not allow access to Evenbrite.

June 25 - "Doing Digital - Lessons from Leaders" with Chris Skinner, Karin Van Hoecke and Benoit Legrand

Chris will be in the good company of Karin Van Hoecke (General Manager Digital Transformation at KBC Belgium) and Benoit Legrand (Chief Innovation Officer at ING Group).

To make sure you are well informed on this one, we created a separate page

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