Monsters and Myths in Innovation - Perspectives from Dutch Bankers

Monsters and Myths in Innovation featured

The biggest barriers and obstacles that inhibit innovation, change and transformation, survive and thrive in the shadows of organisations because nobody ever talks about them.

These are the Monsters and Myths we set out to expose in this white paper together with Infopulse, the IT partner for banks.

19 Financial Services professionals attended a round table dinner held under the Chatham House Rule to share their thoughts and insights on the biggest and most frequent innovation inhibitors they have encountered.

The evening was animated by a tried and tested construct, whereby the diners created their own Monsters & Myths trading cards after being provided with examples as inspiration. The cards they created were then used as “conversation starters” over the course of the evening.

The goal was to leave people with tools to improve their innovation processes and accelerate the pace of change within their organisations.

This white paper is a condensed collection of the valuable insights shared from these discussions.

We invite you to download this paper and collaborate with us by sharing your insights and the "Magic" you have successfully used against Monsters and Myths, on our LinkedIn group here.

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