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Panel: Defining The New Rules of Engagement

Tuesday May 21, 2024 04:00 - 04:45
Type: Banking Track
Venue: Tour & Taxis
Participate in poll 1: What do you consider the main reason for banks to redefine their rules of engagement today?
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Participate in poll 3: What do you consider key in defining new rules of engagement for banks?
In the upcoming panel discussion titled "Defining The New Rules of Engagement," key figures from the banking sector will gather to explore the evolving dynamics of customer relationships and data utilization in the industry. The panel will feature the CEO of the International Banking Federation, the CEO of CKV Bank, a small local bank, and the Chief Data and Analytics Officer of KBC Bank. Each will bring their unique perspectives to discuss how banks can engage with modern customers under the new digital paradigms.

Key Discussion Points:
  • Customer Expectations and Digital Transformation
  • Agile and Personalized Banking
  • Data-Driven Strategies for Engagement

Discussion Dynamics:
  • The panel will examine how technological advancements like AI, machine learning are influencing customer engagement strategies.
  • They will explore the balance between technology and human interaction, discussing how banks can maintain a personal touch in an increasingly automated world, and how every bank defines this in their own way.
  • Regulatory challenges and opportunities in data usage to enhance customer engagement will be another focal point.

The panel aims to define actionable strategies for banks of all sizes to adapt to the changing landscape, ensuring they meet modern customer expectations while effectively using data to drive engagement and loyalty. It will provide attendees with a roadmap on how to harness digital tools to enhance connectivity with customers and create a more personalized banking experience.
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