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#TBSCONF23BXL, May 16, Maison de la Poste and Tour & Taxis

What brings banks back at the forefront of societal transformation? Find out at #TBSCONF23BXL.

The Banking Scene Conference 2023 Brussels, May 16 is the must-go banking conference in Belgium, with +400 delegates, including representations of 30 different financial institutions.

Whether it is because of the pandemic, climate change, global conflicts or inflation, banks a in constant reinvention, driven by technology, societal change and market dynamics. In the turmoil of change, the finance industry needs to ensure it remains relevant and contributes to a more positive future.

Old beliefs are no longer enough to build tomorrow’s business. However, what lessons can we learn from the past 15 years to set new beliefs for the years to come?

The banking industry needs a new ethos. Together, we will find out what that new ethos could look like.

What beliefs should drive the core decisions and actions of tomorrow's banks?

How do banks ensure they understand and leverage technological opportunities for the right goals?

How can they attract and retain the right talent to achieve all this?

We present you with 2 parallel streams, featuring our unique mix of national and international speakers, who will provide you with new insights that lead to growth in payments and banking. Keep pace with the latest evolutions in banking, network with your colleagues and see how companies like yours are tackling the problems that keep you up at night.

Moreover, you will engage in a community that many struggle to access and share your ideas with people who care as much as you do.

Here are but some of our c-level speakers:

  • Leen Van den Neste, Chairwoman, vdk bank
  • Wim Mijs, CEO, European Banking Federation
  • Ludivine Pilate, CEO, Puilaetco - a Quintet Private Bank
  • Charles McManus, CEO, Clearbank
  • Leda Glyptis, Chief Client Officer, 10X Banking
  • Lukas Enzersdorfer-Konrad, CEO Bitpanda Technology Solutions & Deputy CEO Bitpanda
  • Ghela Boskovich Head of Europe, Financial Data and Technology Association
  • Guy Schellinck, CEO, Beobank

Oh, and don’t forget the extras that make this event unique: the dazzling style and flair along with the excellent catering. It’s your ticket for an unforgettable day.

By the way: Leda Glyptis will bring 400 copies of her new book "Bankers like Us - Dispatches from an Industry in Transition".

Join our International and National speakers at Maison de la Poste, Tour&Taxis, for an inspiring and mind-challenging day on a New Banking Ethos and all innovations in the payments industy.

Discover the impressive line-up of experts and professionals participating in our payments & banking tracks, more information and tickets: The Banking Scene Conference Brussels 2023

This is what #TBSCONF23BXL looked like: