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The Banking Scene Breakout Bites Sessions

The Banking Scene Breakout Bites: for people that like to connect and share their thoughts, also in times of isolation

Round table sessions made virtual. Chatham House Rules create an intimate setting for the audience and spur conversations, start Q&A sessions, share opinions and experiences. Each week we tackle a new topic, with a unique central guest.

For regular sessions, we allow 25 free tickets. Sponsored sessions can easily grow to 100 attendees. Moreover, after every session, we publish a blog with the session’s key messages for people who could not attend. Of course, respecting the Chatham House rules.

A few of the guests that joined us:

  • Marc Lauwers, CEO, Argenta
  • Leen Van den Neste, Chairwomen, vdk bank
  • Hedwige Nuyens, Managing Director, International Banking Federation
  • Nicolas Gerard, Managing Director Product Management, State Street Bank