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#TBSARTNIGHT22, October 25, Bozar, Brussels

The Banking Scene Art Night: Mirrors of Society

After its success in 2021, we are back with our Art Night on October 25th.

The event will take place again in Bozar, in the Heart of Brussels. Doors open at 15h00 to meet with your peers, listening to a couple of live inspiration sessions, followed by an exclusive reception, walking dinner, and a guided tour of inspirational art.

This time we link the evening to the temporary exhibition: "Alexandria: (re)activating common urban imaginaries", presented first in Brussels at Bozar, and later in Marseille at the Mucem. The exhibition explored the notions of urbanism, cosmopolitanism and connections between the Meditarrenean and the European continent in the legenday city’s heyday.

Mirrors of Society

If art is the expression or application of human creative skill and imagination, typically in a visual form such as painting or sculpture, producing works to be appreciated primarily for their beauty or emotional power, an expression of self, we should ask ourselves: should we be look at the art of banking?

Our Keynote speaker, Kam Chana, is Head of Financial Experiences Lab at the Royal College of Art and she explained that art is the expression of self, and design is the world response to this, design is about finding solutions to problems and realising opportunities for the external world.

She continued: “Banks should be designing their solutions around expressions of individuals. The challenge is how to scale their staff, their own diversity, their own organisation to fully understand the individual expressions of consumers”.

If art is the recipient of good design, perhaps the art of banking is the outcome of banking for good? A construct where everyone can create their own life and future, where people can express themselves and grow as individuals and professionals?

Like Alexandria became a symbol for cosmopolitanism, urbanism and a melting pot of cultures, between East and West in the Ancient World.


We will announce more speakers soon.

Doors open at 15h CEST, at Bozar, Brussels.

The number of tickets for the Art Night is currently limited to members and bankers only.

Are you interested to learn how you can be part of this? Send us an email and we'll see what we can do: