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Halloween Dinner Monsters & Myths in Innovation

During this exclusive Halloween Dinner we delve into the fascinating topic of Monsters and Myths in Innovation. This exclusive event is part of our research in collaboration with Infopulse and will be held on October 30 at De Groote Industrieele Club in Amsterdam.

The "Monsters & Myths" executive dinner is a highly engaging and interactive experience that is limited to carefully curated 20 special guests. This unique opportunity allows you to explore the obstacles and barriers to innovation, change, and transformation that often haunt organizations. In today's fast-paced business environment, adapting swiftly and successfully to change is essential. Therefore, it is crucial to shed light on the hidden monsters & myths that may be slowing down growth and progress.

The evening will feature an original card game, "Monsters & Myths," developed by Andrew Vorster, Innovation Catalyst. The game enables participants to identify and address innovation challenges and obstacles they may face. Furthermore, The Banking Scene's Research on today's barriers and obstacles in banking innovation trajectories will be discussed, with Chatham House Rules in effect.

If you're interested in attending this exclusive invitation-only event, get in touch. We cannot promise you a seat, but perhaps it could be a trigger for another session ;).