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Financial Wellbeing for the Gig Economy

The session "Financial Wellbeing for the Gig Economy" is a discussion on how to achieve financial stability and security as a gig worker, whether you are a freelancer or temp worker. Over 4 million freelancers and flex workers are currently working in the Netherlands, and many of them find short term jobs through online platforms that bring together supply and demand in the flexible labour market.

Despite this flexibility, gig workers face a lot of financial uncertainties, amongst which receiving their income in a timely matter. It takes a long time to fill in hours, have them approved, and get paid. As a result, these 'gig workers' often don't receive their income on time. In addition, gig workers face many other uncertainties, like social security and insurances, around which a fierce public debate is has developed, adding to the uncertainty of the future of the way that they would like to work.

We invite Rienk Franken, freelance strategy consultant, startup mentor & Angel Investor. Until recently, Rienk has been a corporate intrapreneur at ABN AMRO, where he has been the founder of Payday, a solution that makes it possible for platforms to pay out gig workers instantly after job done. Instant gratification leads to more filled shifts for the platform, a higher NPS score and a reduction in churn.

This session will explore the unique financial challenges and opportunities that come with working in the gig economy, and investigate through the ABN AMRO Payday case study how banks can try to find solutions for these challenges.


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