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Building Resilience in the Aftermath of Silicon Valley Bank

On March 30, we'll be a few weeks after the devastating news of the collapse of Silicon Valley Bank (SVB). In this session, we will address key questions such as: What can financial institutions learn from the SVB case and other similar events?

How can they build resilience to mitigate the risks associated with such cases?

What are the key strategies that can be employed to ensure compliance with regulatory requirements and minimize reputational damage?

With Eugenie Casier, Director of Governance, Risk & Compliance at Clausematch, we will focus on the role of technology in building resilience and managing risk. The RegTech expert will discuss the importance of culture and governance in building resilience, including the need for strong leadership, effective risk management frameworks, and a culture of transparency and accountability.

We will also discuss how technology can be used to automate compliance and risk management processes, reducing the burden on compliance teams and improving the accuracy and efficiency of risk management.

Attendees will gain a deeper understanding of the banking industry's challenges today and the strategies that can be employed to navigate these challenges successfully.


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About our speaker

Eugenie Casier is the London-based Director of Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) at Clausematch, a regulatory technology platform.

She previously worked as Belgian Branch Manager at Lynx Beleggen, led the European expansion of a FinTech in partnership with ING Bank Netherlands and held various Compliance & Risk roles in financial services.

Eugenie is Money20/20 RiseUp alumni. She is a frequent speaker at various industry events with a focus on international regulation and compliance challenges.