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Beyond Banking - Improving the Living Journey with Ecosystem Thinking

Sustainability and the linked improvements of energy labels of real estate is a hot topic in financial services these days.

Join us in the Breakout Bites session with Thibaut Nivelles, Founder of Setle and Peter van Hees, Chief Product Officer at Setle and Innovation Manager Ecosystems Team at KBC Bank, as we explore the concept of ecosystem thinking and its potential to improve the overall living journey. Beyond traditional banking services, ecosystem thinking involves a holistic approach that considers the interconnectedness of various industries and systems.

Discover how Setle uses this approach to enhance its partners’ customer experience, drive innovation, and create more sustainable solutions for the future.

Setle enables lenders to get insights into their (energetic) renovation costs and maximize their budgets. With an easy-to-use interface, everyone masters their own renovation and keeps control of their budgets.

They automate the mortgage process for renovation properties by creating transparency in the industry and helping lenders to make better decisions.

Their first clients are KBC Bank, CBC Banque, Argenta and Onesto, and they are now expanding also abroad.

Don't miss out on this engaging discussion about the future of banking and beyond and the footprint that Setle wants to leave in that respect.

The session is under Chatham House rules, so make sure you join us, and share your questions and vision with the rest, because by sharing, we all end up understanding the wonderful world of finance a bit better.


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