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Banking for Good: The rise of Rise - a Neobank for Teens

Banking for Good - The rise of Rise, a Neobank for Teens

"Rise empowers parents to teach the ins and outs of money management, from trade-off decisions to calculating savings. A real account, with real money and real-life lessons. Rise - the unique, app experience just for teens."

The founder of this soon to be launched new bank in Belgium, Rise, is a 22-year-old entrepreneur and former top athlete Morgan Wirtz. Backed by institutions like Mastercard and Societe Generale, they start with strong international ambitions.

We invite him on October 21 to help us understand how their journey looked like, what the needs are they want to fulfil and why society needs initiatives like Rise for better financial education and improved financial wellness overall.

As usual, you also get the chance to ask your questions under Chatham House rules.


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