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Banking for Good: Accelerating the sustainable shift!

“Banking for better, for generations to come.”

This is ABN ARMO’s purpose line today. They set up multiple initiatives to help them to fulfil that purpose.

An emphasis on sustainability in their investment philosophy is a logical first step. However, it doesn’t stop at simply offering sustainable investment funds to their clients. Through a partnership with the University of Oxford, all their investment advisors were offered training on sustainability to ensure they have the right mindset to guide their customers in their sustainable transition.

They work with Vlerick Business School to research ways to help their SME customers to a more sustainable future. And in The Netherlands, they teamed up with TNW and Impact Hub to create Impact Nation. This initiative helps companies with the practical side of making their business more sustainable.

Joachim Aelvoet, Country Director Products and Services at ABN AMRO Belgium, will explain their initiatives in further detail and convince us about their approach to accelerating the sustainable shift.


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