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Future of Banking: The Impact of DORA on Fintech-Bank Collaboration

The Impact of DORA on Fintech-Bank Collaboration

The Digital Operations Resilience Act (DORA) is the European Union’s attempt to streamline the third-party risk management process across financial institutions.

A draft of DORA was published by the European Commission on 24 September 2020. Later this year, more than 2 years after the draft of DORA, the final regulation is expected to be published.

DORA attempts to bolster operational resilience within the financial industry to guarantee business continuity. One way to do that is to force Critical ICT Third-Party Providers to conform to regulatory standards, supervised by one of the three European Supervisory Authorities.

How does this work? And what will be the impact on Fintech-Bank collaboration?

Will it grow trust between different organisations and encourage collaboration opportunities, or will the increased complexity lead to less collaboration and innovation?

These are a few questions we will try to answer in this session.

Our guest speakers are:

  • Jessica Ramos, Head of Regulatory Affairs, Oversights and Financial Affairs at EBA Clearing and EWPN Ambassador for Belgium
  • Alexandre Castaing, Chairman of the Board as ISACA Luxembourg, Managing Director at Axon Advisory and former Head of Operational Risk at RBC


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