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Banking for Good: Update on Digital Inclusion in Belgium

Update on Digital Inclusion in Belgium

In June we held a first session on Digital Inclusion, bringing together the banking industry of Belgium and The Netherlands. The blog from this session got a lot of attention, including from Linde Verheyden, Director of Public Affairs at BNP Paribas Fortis and one of the founders of the DigitAll ecosystem, a coalition of organisations and governmental institutions that formalised the ambition to fight digital exclusion.

Karel Baert, one of our guest speakers back in June, referred to statistics by the King Baudouin Foundation to explain the current situation in Belgium. Because this Foundation is expected to come with updated numbers in September, Linde and The Banking Scene decided to set up a new session in digital inclusion.

We will discuss the changes and try to find explanations for those changes. Next to that, we will also learn more about DigitAll and its impact on society.

What's more, Linda invited a second special guest, a true expert in the field of digital inclusion. Ilse Mariƫn is a post-doc researcher at SMIT VUB where she is leading several policy-oriented projects related to the societal impact of digitalisation, digital inequalities, digital skills and digital inclusion policies. Ilse heads the Data, Governance and Communities Unit and teaches Policy Analysis in the Communication Science department of VUB. She is also appointed as a policy advisor for digital inclusion at the cabinet of Vice-Minister President Bart Somers.


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